In addition to being the Lead Producer of Starcraft, Chris Sigaty is also a god of metal.

Starcraft 2 will be free to existing World of Warcraft subscribers in Korea, Lead Producer Chris Sigaty announced a recent event in Seoul.

The caveat of the announcement is that people will lose access to the game if they let their WoW subscription lapse.

Described as “a way of giving something back to such a supportive and skilled community of players”, this is one of a number of innovative payment schemes available to Korean Starcraft players.

While the game can be bought outright for approximately 60 USD,  it’s also possible to rent the game for either a month (8 USD) or a single day for a dollar sixty.

While these options are a result of the Korean (and wider asian) gaming culture’s emphasis on “PC Bangs” (internet cafes), it’s worth noting that microtransactions (originally an Asia-centric model) are now being used in such western AAA titles as Lord of the Rings Online.

Via VG247 via IGN.