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Two new pieces of single player DLC for Bioshock 2 are coming to PSN, Games for Windows and XBL later this year, 2K Games revealed today.

The first installment is the “Protector Trials” pack, which features six maps based on  existing environments in which one defends a little sister from splicers, like in the story.

The hook to the pack is the three “unique” difficulty modes, which the announcement promises will “push players’ mastery of weapons and Plasmids”, in addition to “never-before-seen” concept art.

Also announced was new story content, which would provide players with “new tools” and “extend the lore and fiction of the failed utopia under the sea”.

The “Protector Trials” is slated for release on August 3rd, while the narrative content is to come within in the coming months.


In addition to being the Lead Producer of Starcraft, Chris Sigaty is also a god of metal.

Starcraft 2 will be free to existing World of Warcraft subscribers in Korea, Lead Producer Chris Sigaty announced a recent event in Seoul.

The caveat of the announcement is that people will lose access to the game if they let their WoW subscription lapse.

Described as “a way of giving something back to such a supportive and skilled community of players”, this is one of a number of innovative payment schemes available to Korean Starcraft players.

While the game can be bought outright for approximately 60 USD,  it’s also possible to rent the game for either a month (8 USD) or a single day for a dollar sixty.

While these options are a result of the Korean (and wider asian) gaming culture’s emphasis on “PC Bangs” (internet cafes), it’s worth noting that microtransactions (originally an Asia-centric model) are now being used in such western AAA titles as Lord of the Rings Online.

Via VG247 via IGN.

Metal Gear Production Manager Ken-ichiro Imaizumi has shot down rumours of a PS3 exclusive game to be announced by Kojima at this September’s Tokyo Games Show.

Responding to the rumour which appeared on CVG yesterday, Imaizumi tweeted: “I say it is just a rumour. I have no idea who made it up such a story”. This was quickly re-tweeted by Mr. Kojima himself.

The rumour originated from a “senior US publishing source”, who claimed the demo was originally for E3 but was pulled to ensure it was “bulletproof”.

This would have left Kojima Production’s E3 schedule quite busy indeed, having already unveiled a Snake Eater re-release for the 3DS and in-game footage of Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

It would have presumably given the company a reveal at the Sony press conference, the only platform without Metal Gear footage this year. Make of this what you will.

Via the folks at VG247.

Mere moments ago, Ubisoft’s president Yves Guillemot announced Nadeo’s latest title “Planet Mania” consisted of three seperate games/toolsets to be released over the next year.

Titled Trackmania 2, Questmania and Shootmania the titles offer both opportunities to play their respective genres and to create content through a robust and unified toolset which will allow players to “shape the future of PC gaming”.

The game, which is a PC exclusive, was announced as part of the company’s “create” initiative, which also featured a sidescroller creation platform devloped in part by gaming industry legend Michel Ancel.

Although the titles of the three have been known since Nadeo went on a domain spree in 2008, not much was known about them until now. Trackmania is set for a Q4 release while Shootmania is scheduled for Q1.  No release date was given for Questmania.

Microsoft came out swinging with a predictable but nonetheless satisfying trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops. Stuff exploded and featured a lush green colour palette that is refreshing after the browns that the series has been mired in.

In fact, the colour palette on display was remarked upon in the Gears of War trailer as well, which featured similarly lush greens, the sort which make me forget it’s running on the unreal engine. For a moment at least. Roadie run seems a little faster. It appears to be gears.

Halo reach has a starfighting mode. You pilot ships to shoot at people in space and attack mother ships. Nothing is known. First time I’ve cared about halo since the first.

What stole the show for me was thirteeen seconds of Metal Gear Solid Rising. Raiden cut some terrorists/PMC members up. In half. In a boring middle eastern environment. Made it look like a sidescroller from the way it was being played, I assume it’s full 3d. At one point Raiden cuts down a support and some stuff falls down crushing a dude. At one point he slices up a dude who isn’t looking at him. Stealth gameplay confirmed?

Not really. The game looked every bit the stealth less action game I find myself fearing. Yet just fifteen seconds of gameplay have me incredibly curious.

Kinect filled GAF with naught but laughter. Also it seemed to have some nasty latency on it. Even if it’s the most effective way to handle the UI, moving a mouse cursor with your hand isn’t really the minority report stuff that Microsoft claimed it would be.  Voice recognition and head tracking are still more interesting that the flailing. Am also shocked by the lack of any true core title for the Kinect launch.

Slim Xbox was uninteresting until Greenburg dropped the bombshell that Kinext would require it’s own power supply with old 360s and not with the slim.  Although thats only been “confirmed” by GAF, so who knows.Star wars and a Forza title for Kinect not launching until 2011, unlike the Kinect which is out before holiday. Also, watching GAF it through Kinectimals presentation was painful.

Combine Road, a “mini-album” parody of Half-Life 2 was released recently by Podcast 17 host Phillip Marlowe and singer songwriter Jonathan Lewis.

The album features five songs which parody the works of  various artists, from legends like Elvis or Michael Jackson to smaller artist Jimmy Eat World.

The lyrics were adapted to the Half Life universe by Marlowe and Lewis with he songs being sung by Kyle Woods and fall into line with Lewis’ earlier works such as “G-Man’s Last Breath”, another Half-Life 2 parody.

Marlowe was inspired by traditional Christmas carols and while his partnership with Lewis led the pair to experiment with more diverse styles, they tease a carol themed album as forthcoming.

The album along with lyrics for the songs can be found here.

The original “BioShock” pitch varied wildly from the final game, allowing players to mutate characteristics from jellyfish or electric eels, the recently declassified document shows.
The game originally has players acting out the role of a deprogrammer, attempting to free a wealthy heiress from the undue influence of a sinister island cult, who had built an undersea laboratory in a sinister tale about the convergence “religion and science”.
Environmental controls originally played a large part in the game, with various terminals allowing hackers to alter the airs density, ionize the air, concentrate gravity or even magnetize the floor.
Weapon modification was another pillar of the game, with players able to “create their own weapons” instead of just adhering to the “pistol, shotgun, chainsaw” methodology of other shooters.

The pitch made allusions to the possibility of a film franchise based on the game (which has since come to pass) and less than half of the document has actually been released thus far, with the rest promised for the “near future”.