Aside from me of course. I got that poor bastard killed alot.

Except when I played, it was Fisher falling out the window

However, I’m wondering more about how ol’ Sam died as a character in his latest outing Conviction. You see, I’ve had a long relationship with Mr. Fisher. I’ve helped him through his role in the birth of the shadowy organization Third Echelon, I’ve stopped Kobain Nikoladze, the former president of georgia from nuking America. I foiled both the “Pandora Tommorow” plot to bring down the United States via germ warfare and Admiral Otomo’s plan to draw the US into a second war over the North Korean peninsula. Then his daughter died and he was forced to kill Irving Lambert, his closest friend in order to maintain the trust of a north american terrorist group. We’ve been through a lot together.

Yet up until now, he’s never killed anybody he didn’t have to.  Sometimes he’d complain to Lambert when he wasn’t allowed to exercise the “fifth freedom”, yet Fisher would put himself in harms way time and time again to save the lives of his enemies. Indeed he frequently pointed out to Irving and the player that no soldiers were truly enemies, in a way reminiscent of Snake Eater. I, like Fisher, attempted to preserve human life wherever possible. Sure, occasionally a guard or two got knifed because they were a bit too alert, but over the course of four international crises the final body count was probably less than 40.

Which is why it disturbed me so much when I exceeded that kill count within half an hour of Conviction and fisher didn’t even bat an eye. Fisher is portrayed as bitter about both the death of his daughter and furious at the agency which forced him to kill Lambert. He tries to distance himself from everything between games, attempting to leave behind the life which represents nothing for him but tragedy.  I could accept this and even shared his bitterness towards Third Echelon, whom I felt had betrayed me in the last game although I could care less about Sarah Fisher.  However his reaction to the tragic deaths of those around him rang positively false to me in Conviction. The idea that through the death of the two closest two him he loses any and all respect for human life seems faintly ridiculous. His actions are framed through his desperation to reunite with his daughter, however he acts this way even when his daughter’s safety is completely unrelated to the mission at hand. It was for me a huge point of disconnect with Fisher, with whom I’d identified fairly closely with despite his previous lack of characterisation.  Which is a shame, as I found Fisher to be a really interesting character throughout the majority of Conviction, which had some pretty engrossing twists and relationships.  Shame that Fisher was consistently undermined for me by his new found disregard for human life.  Although should his change have been more believaable, reflecting that in the gameplay had a lot of potential to be cool.

A more hardline and agressive fisher I can certainly agree with. In some of the interrogation scenes my frustration with a character was perfectly in line with Fisher's.

Especially if it happened halfway through a game to reflect a character’s emotional arc. Or the player and character were forced into killing for a time and seeing how this impacted the character while paying off the player’s own discomfort.

Cool game though, for such a mischaracterisation to even bother me.