Mere moments ago, Ubisoft’s president Yves Guillemot announced Nadeo’s latest title “Planet Mania” consisted of three seperate games/toolsets to be released over the next year.

Titled Trackmania 2, Questmania and Shootmania the titles offer both opportunities to play their respective genres and to create content through a robust and unified toolset which will allow players to “shape the future of PC gaming”.

The game, which is a PC exclusive, was announced as part of the company’s “create” initiative, which also featured a sidescroller creation platform devloped in part by gaming industry legend Michel Ancel.

Although the titles of the three have been known since Nadeo went on a domain spree in 2008, not much was known about them until now. Trackmania is set for a Q4 release while Shootmania is scheduled for Q1.  No release date was given for Questmania.