Microsoft came out swinging with a predictable but nonetheless satisfying trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops. Stuff exploded and featured a lush green colour palette that is refreshing after the browns that the series has been mired in.

In fact, the colour palette on display was remarked upon in the Gears of War trailer as well, which featured similarly lush greens, the sort which make me forget it’s running on the unreal engine. For a moment at least. Roadie run seems a little faster. It appears to be gears.

Halo reach has a starfighting mode. You pilot ships to shoot at people in space and attack mother ships. Nothing is known. First time I’ve cared about halo since the first.

What stole the show for me was thirteeen seconds of Metal Gear Solid Rising. Raiden cut some terrorists/PMC members up. In half. In a boring middle eastern environment. Made it look like a sidescroller from the way it was being played, I assume it’s full 3d. At one point Raiden cuts down a support and some stuff falls down crushing a dude. At one point he slices up a dude who isn’t looking at him. Stealth gameplay confirmed?

Not really. The game looked every bit the stealth less action game I find myself fearing. Yet just fifteen seconds of gameplay have me incredibly curious.

Kinect filled GAF with naught but laughter. Also it seemed to have some nasty latency on it. Even if it’s the most effective way to handle the UI, moving a mouse cursor with your hand isn’t really the minority report stuff that Microsoft claimed it would be.  Voice recognition and head tracking are still more interesting that the flailing. Am also shocked by the lack of any true core title for the Kinect launch.

Slim Xbox was uninteresting until Greenburg dropped the bombshell that Kinext would require it’s own power supply with old 360s and not with the slim.  Although thats only been “confirmed” by GAF, so who knows.Star wars and a Forza title for Kinect not launching until 2011, unlike the Kinect which is out before holiday. Also, watching GAF it through Kinectimals presentation was painful.