I realise that this isn’t an original thought/complaint/observation about the games industry. However when I was listening to the first e3 Bombcast and talking to a few journalists about Microsoft’s Cirque Du Soleil “Prelude” event I couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that not one person really distanced themselves from the analysis of it all. While I enjoy listening to people debating which demographic the event was for and whether it would reach that audience quite a bit, in addition to more analysis of what it looks like Kinect might or might not be able to do.  I like it, it’s why I tune into such channels.

But isn’t there something perverse when noone in the gaming industry stops to appeciate the fun in such an experience? Not in any major way, but in the sort of fundamental way which would come through in their analysis and result in a little less rational detachment from having just been at the centre of such a surreal experience.

Maybe such a person might be the sort who I could relate to as a journalist, who isn’t quite so jaded with the entire business. It’s often said that clowns are some of the least happy people you’ll meet. No one ever identifies this as a problem.