“Apostle”, the fourth colony ship constructed out of the Dicrophian orbital shipyards was named by a cynical man. The stars orbiting the nearby star Polaris had been ignored up until now by the galaxy’s starfaring powers, leaving them ripe for expansion of the TEC’s interests.  The Apostle was to carry the bare minimum population necessary to enlighten the natives of the system and establish TEC mining operations across each of its planets.

As far as operations go, the colonisation of the Polaris system went without a hitch. The Apostle and its pair of accompanying light frigates quickly vaporised the system’s few vessels capable of space flight and after delivering a few “tactical” nuclear weapons to Vespor Collective’s homeworld the colonists were quickly welcomed into leadership positions across the system.
Years pass without incident in Polaris. Terran culture is quickly introduces to the natives via massive orbital broadcast stations and the system became one of the TEC’s primary sources of crystal due to the concentration of arctic worlds located around the dim star.
The Apostle itself was heavily decorated following the campaign and was left to maintain order in the system, although its official designation was “The Polarian Defence Against External Hostilities”, of which there were none. Polaris was accessible only via a jump from Alcor, a wormhole nestled on the border between TEX space and that of the Korsul Armada, which had been the TEC’s ally since time immemoriam.

As these things are want to happen, the TEC’s growing ambitions eventually put it at odds with  the Korsul Armada, whose planets checker boarded with the TEC’s own, a result of a messy land grab a millennia ago. War was inevitable.

The TEC quickly swept through the disconnected territory of the Armada, meeting with almost no resistance for the Armada had secreted its fleet inside the magnetic clouds which surrounded the Alcor wormhole. Seeing his domain crumble beneath the might of the TEC’s forces, admiral Korsul ordered his ships through the wormhole, planning to barricade himself within the system of Polaris.

Now at this point the Polarians were thoroughly disconnected from the TEC’s executive board and were expecting that the Armada had already been subdued so it came as something of a shock when the entirety of the first and third fleet came streaming through the wormhole into the system.

When the TEC vanguard arrived in system a week later the Apostle had been reduced to orbital debris. A few lifeboat signatures were broadcasting throughout the system however, the Apostle was never intended to be in service for as long as it was and those who had made it to the lifeboats were no better off than those orbiting Polaris V.
Yet the Korsul Armada had been denied access to the system and her planets for such a length of time that the fleet’s capital ships hadn’t yet had time to calibrate their ordinance and the planets of Polaris remained unscathed by nuclear fire. The Armada was also scattered and out of position making mop up a trivial exercise, although the blue Terran lasers lit up the skies around the newly christened Apostle Alpha for further three days.