The original “BioShock” pitch varied wildly from the final game, allowing players to mutate characteristics from jellyfish or electric eels, the recently declassified document shows.
The game originally has players acting out the role of a deprogrammer, attempting to free a wealthy heiress from the undue influence of a sinister island cult, who had built an undersea laboratory in a sinister tale about the convergence “religion and science”.
Environmental controls originally played a large part in the game, with various terminals allowing hackers to alter the airs density, ionize the air, concentrate gravity or even magnetize the floor.
Weapon modification was another pillar of the game, with players able to “create their own weapons” instead of just adhering to the “pistol, shotgun, chainsaw” methodology of other shooters.

The pitch made allusions to the possibility of a film franchise based on the game (which has since come to pass) and less than half of the document has actually been released thus far, with the rest promised for the “near future”.