Windows users will be able to enjoy Civilization 4 on the Mac free of charge, after Valve fixed the game’s Steam Play implementation earlier today.

This comes after many users were distraught to find that they’d have to pay for the game on each platform, in spite of Steam’s touted “Steam Play” feature,  which allows users to play on both Mac and Windows with a single purchase.  The problem was exacerbated by the title’s recent sale, which resulted in a massive influx of users.

A Valve representative said that while  not all games will be implementing Steam Play, it’s the publisher’s choice and not theirs.

Users on the forum NeoGAF were tipped off to the error, which many believed to be deliberate, by owners not being able to repurchase the game for the Mac.

Users who have not received copies of Civilisation 4 on their Mac are instructed to restart Steam.