Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2 designer Clint Hawking has resigned from Ubisoft’s Montreal studio, a Click Nothing post revealed yesterday.

In the post, Mr. Hawking revealed that he resigned to “avoid bad habits” which he said develop when comfortable in an environment.

“All the courage and hard work required to overcome my bad habits and forge myself a place where I can be happy, leads me back, inevitably to a place where I am once again comfortable and content.” wrote Mr. Hawking.

The post contained no specifics regarding Mr. Hawking’s future, leading to speculation that his next project might not be in the games industry. This speculation was fueled largely by the post’s focus on his early attempts at film making. Others have read into the post’s tirade against comfort to imply that Mr. Hawking might be perusing an independent project.

The post can be found on Mr. Hawking’s personal blog, Click Nothing.