Developer Panther Studios released a series of videos yesterday explaining the core concepts behind “Command Ops: Battles of the Bulge”, their upcoming strategy title.

Through the videos, the Australian based studio reveals the core tenets behind the game: “high fidelity” modelling of space and time, macro-management, “order delay” and the “command process”, to people unfamiliar with the Command Ops engine.

“The Command Ops engine was created in 1995 to create the most realistic situation possible” said studio founder Dave O’Conner.

Mr. O’Conner said that the Command Ops engine delivered a much greater level of realism than other strategy titles, by having units move through actual space instead of on a hex grid.

He also touted “two levels of command” system, in which players issue orders to  sub-commanders rather than individual units and the orders are then propagated through the AI. He placed particular emphasis on the way the AI can make poor choices, “much like a real sub-commander”.

Panther Games was founded in 1985 and has been producing military software for the Australian Defence Department since 1991.  The videos can be found here.