A new Team Fortress 2 update released earlier today has nerfed the Pyro’s fire damage by 20% and reduced after burn damage, according to patch notes released by Valve.

The update also contains a new map entitled “cp_freight” and adds a new craftable weapon for the Scout, “Crit-a-Cola”, which grants the Scout guaranteed mini-crits for a short duration.

While reducing the Pyro’s fire damage, the update has buffed the oft-ignored airblast, reducing it’s ammo cost and recharge times, as well as introducing mini-crits for all reflected projectiles.

Opinions on the changes seem to be heavily divided, with some celebrating the end of “W+M1” Pyros, while others are fearing the creation of a new “W+M2” mentality.

The balance changes weren’t limited to Pyros however, with the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Heavy and Demoman all receiving changes.

The Scout’s Bonk! energy drink was freed of it’s movement penalty, while the Sniper has lost the ability to fire the Huntsman in mid-air.

The patch has further refined the behaviour of the bots and contains optimisations for Linux based dedicated servers, which some speculate are handed down from the recent Day of Defeat: Source update.